The Solar Feed in Tariff

The Save On Solar Service

SOS have been connecting home owners, landlords and private tenants with approved, local companies for a number of years now, and we're proving to be very good at it. Because we pre-vet all of the companies on our network and constantly monitor feedback, you can rest assured knowing that the companies contacting you to quote for the job are reputable and trustworthy.

Our group of quotation websites specialise in all aspects of home improvements ranging from solar pv, to windpower, and government boiler grants to boiler quotes.

How is it Free?

We operate a transparent service which is completely free for our customers. Because we take a small fee from the installers to quote for your new solar install, it ensures that the companies quoting offer their best possible price based on your requirements as they will be aware that they are all competing for your business.

Will I Save Money?

Is the sky blue? Yes. Like anything in life, it pays to shop around. If you were looking at buying a new television, would you buy the first one you saw? Probably not. You would want to shop around to get the best overall package. This may not just mean price either, it's important to consider things like warranties and after care services.

How Does it Work?

Once you have entered your requirements, we will get your details sent out to three fully approved solar installation companies from our network. Each will contact you to directly to discuss what exclusive deals they can offer and arrange a survey of your home (where necessary). Simply compare the offers and make your decision.

Save On Solar

We've helped thousands of home owners and private tenants improve the efficiency of their homes via our nationwide network of approved installers. Because we constantly monitor feedback, you can rest assured knowing that your enquiries are being passed on to reputable companies who only operate with the highest levels of customer service.

What's more, we ensure that all of the installers on our network are MCS accredited, which is an absolute must if you are wanting to earn an income from the Feed-In-Tariff.

Our Customers

5 Star Rating
Very impressed with the overall service. I would highly recommend it if you are looking in to a Solar PV system.

Mrs Haze - Norfolk

Interested in Solar?
  • Use SaveOnSolar to get up to three, free quotes from trusted, MCS approved companies.
  • This is a 100% free service.
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